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Georgia Tax-free Municipal Bonds

  • Nuveen Georgia Municipal Bond Fund Mutual Fund Nuveen

    The Georgia Municipal Bond Fund invests primarily in investment-grade municipal bonds and is designed to provide as high a level of current interest income exempt from regular federal, state, and in some cases, local income taxes

  • MMGAX: MFS Georgia Municipal Bond Fund MFS

    The MFS MMGAX MFS Georgia Municipal Bond Fund summary. See MMGAX pricing, performance snapshot, ratings, historical returns, risk considerations, and more.

  • Franklin Georgia Tax-Free Income Fund - FTGAX

    Puerto Rico municipal bonds have been impacted by recent adverse economic and market changes, which may cause the fund's share price to decline. Changes in the credit rating of a bond, or in the credit rating or financial strength of a bond's issuer, insurer or guarantor, may affect the bond's value.

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  • State Taxation of Municipal Bonds for Individuals

    State Taxation of Municipal Bonds for Individuals Notes: Bonds are designated "X" if taxable. All others are exempt or excluded from tax, or no income taxes are levied by those states.

  • 9 Municipal Bond Funds for Tax-Free Income Kiplinger

    9 Municipal Bond Funds for Tax-Free Income Muni bonds serve up income that's free from federal (and sometimes state and local) taxes. Here are 9 top municipal bond funds to check out.

  • Tax-Free Municipal Bonds (Muni Bonds) - FMSbonds

    Tax-free municipal bonds for individual investors. We are municipal bond specialists and own the bonds we sell, which enables clients to invest knowledgeably and with confidence.

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  • Think Twice Before Buying Tax-Free Municipal Bonds

    Municipal bonds that are insured come with an extra layer of protection, though just 5.6% of new municipal bonds issued in 2018 were insured, compared with 46.8% in 2007.

  • 7 Best Tax-Free Municipal Bond Funds Bonds US News

    Tax-free municipal bond funds are a path to higher returns and lower taxes. By Barbara Friedberg , Contributor Oct. 7, 2020 By Barbara Friedberg , Contributor Oct. 7, 2020, at 4:30 p.m.

  • Municipal Bonds Edward Jones

    Municipal bonds are federal tax-free and, in some cases, are free from state and local taxes too. That means, depending on where you live, you may never owe income taxes on the payments you receive from the bond's issuer (but they may be subject to the alternative minimum tax or AMT).

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  • Municipal Bonds - Fidelity

    While municipal bonds can offer attractive effective yields and can be a way to generate tax-free income, they may not be right for investors in every tax bracket or for every type of account. For instance, a portion of the income you receive may be subject to the federal alternative minimum tax, even if that income is classified as tax free.