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Kansas Tax Free Bonds

  • Industrial Revenue Bonds - Kansas Department of Commerce

    Whether your property is financed through tax-exempt or taxable IRBs, Kansas law (K.S.A. 79-201a) permits exemptions for your project from ad valorem (real and personal) property taxation for up to 10 years, commencing with the year after the year the bonds are issued.

  • Kansas Tax-Free Intermediate Bond Fund Commerce Funds

    Lower quality bonds underperformed their higher quality counterparts as safe-haven assets were in favor. For the rst quarter, The Commerce Kansas Tax-Free Funds return of 0.79% outperformed the Bloomberg Barclays 3-15 Year Blend benchmark of -0.55%.

  • Kansas State Treasurer: Municipal Bonds

    The registration of the issuance of municipal bonds was transferred to the State Treasurer in 1975. As a consequence of legislation in the 1980s, the State Treasurer has become registrar and transfer agent for those Kansas registered form municipal bonds that designate the Treasurer as paying agent.

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  • Nuveen Kansas Municipal Bond Fund Mutual Fund Nuveen

    The Kansas Municipal Bond Fund invests primarily in investment-grade municipal bonds and is designed to provide as high a level of current interest income exempt from regular federal, state, and in some cases, local income taxes

  • Kansas Municipal Fund (KSMUX) - Integrity Viking Funds

    The Kansas Municipal Fund, currently offered to residents of Kansas, seeks to provide shareholders with as high a level of current income exempt from federal and state income taxes as is consistent with preservation of capital.

  • State Taxation of Municipal Bonds for Individuals

    State Taxation of Municipal Bonds for Individuals Notes: Bonds are designated "X" if taxable. All others are exempt or excluded from tax, or no income taxes are levied by those states. In certain cases, these designations pertain only to general obligation bonds, or to bonds in general.

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  • Kansas Department of Revenue Tax Policy - Tax Incentives

    If you are interested in having a representative from the Kansas Department of Revenue speak to your group about Kansas tax incentives, please contact our Tax Incentive bureau at 785-296-8042 or by email: erin.l.starrks.gov. Most states provide some type of tax incentive, whether in the form of credits or exemptions for the construction of a

  • Tax-Free Bond Funds Mutual Funds Charles Schwab

    Take advantage of Schwab's competitively priced muni bond funds, which provide income free from federal andor state taxes. Solid performance and great value. Tax-free bond funds have no investment minimum and 0.49% net expense ratio. 1

  • How Are Municipal Bonds Taxed? - Investopedia

    Municipal bonds are commonly tax-free at the federal level but can be taxable at state or local income tax levels or under certain circumstances. Overview of Municipal Bonds

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  • Kansas Bond Funds BondFunds - Find and Research Bond

    BondFunds helps investors research bond funds by showing the actual bond holdings inside each fund.