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Tax Free Stock Swap

  • Tax on Stocks Exchanged Through a Merger & Acquisition

    Stock Swap Taxation. If you trade old shares for new through a merger or acquisition, the IRS does not look on the event as a taxable transaction. It doesn't matter whether the shares are

  • How to Use a Stock Swap to Exercise Your Employee Stock

    A stock swap can be a useful strategy that allows you to do a tax-free swap of shares you own for employee stock option shares. That being said, remember that while the swap is tax-free, the exercise itself is not. When doing a stock swap, you use the FMV of the existing shares to acquire ESO shares at their exercise cost.

  • Qualifying For a Tax-Free Exchange Under Section 351(a)

    Two requirements must be met to qualify for tax-free treatment under Section 351(a): (1) you get ONLY STOCK in exchange for your property NOT stock PLUS other property, (2) You (or you and your transferor group) must be in CONTROL of the corporation, immediately after the exchange. Section 368(C) defines control and is covered below.

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  • Solved: How do I calculate cost basis on a stock swap and

    Since this was an involuntary exchange, and this was a stock swap, how would I calculate the cost basis? Would it equal the $23,597 so there would be no tax liability? Secondly, the remaining value of the 948 Baxalta shares was paid in $17,072 cash. This would mean we were paid $18 per share in cash in addition to the above stock swap.

  • Selling Your LLC for Stock - The Tax Problem Securities

    The buyer may propose a stock-for-stock exchange, a stock-for-assets exchange, or a merger. All of these transactions could be tax-free to the sellers who own the target but only if the target is a corporation. There are solutions to this problem, but each solution carries tax risks.

  • Tax-Free Reorganization - IRC 368 and Tax Impacts of

    A tax-free reorganization is often implemented to find efficiencies within the law that allow for reduced tax. These types of reorganizations can be triggered by certain tactical actions, such as takeovers, buyouts, new acquisitions Asset Purchase vs Stock Purchase Asset purchase vs stock purchase - two ways of buying out a company, and each

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