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California Muni Tax Free Bonds

  • California Tax-Free Bond Fund (PRXCX) T. Rowe Price

    The fund seeks to provide, consistent with prudent portfolio management, the highest level of income exempt from federal and California state income taxes by investing primarily in investment-grade California municipal bonds. For a complete list of the members of the fund's Investment Advisory Committee, please refer to the fund's prospectus.

  • Tax-Free Income For Those Who Need It Most: California

    Several years ago, California allowed an exemption for the California portion of national muni bond funds, but as I understand current tax policy in order for a fund's distributions to be exempt

  • 22 Best Muni California Intermediate Mutual Funds

    Muni California intermediateshort portfolios invest at least 80% of assets in California municipal debt. Because the income from these bonds is generally free from federal taxes and California

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  • Does california tax municipal bonds? Explained by FAQ Blog

    Score: 4.35 (56 votes) . Tax-exempt status Most California municipal bonds are tax-exempt, although some specific bonds are not exempt from federal income taxation (all are exempt from State of California personal income taxation for California residents, however).

  • Think Twice Before Buying Tax-Free Municipal Bonds

    Use the tax-equivalent-yield formula to compare the real return on a muni bond with a corporate bond. The formula is: Tax Equivalent Yield Tax-Free Yield (1 Tax Rate). Translation: That's

  • 4 Top California Muni Bond Mutual Funds to Buy Today

    The Fidelity Advisor California Municipal Income A fund has three-year annualized returns of 1.7%. FCMAX has an expense ratio of 0.80% as compared to the category average of 0.86%. USAA California

  • Investing in Tax-Free Municipal Bonds - The Balance

    Take the taxable equivalent yield formula and plug in what we know: Step 1: 2.688 (1 - 0.4193) Step 2: 2.688 0.5807. Answer: 4.63%. You'd need corporate bonds of comparable quality maturing in August of 2032 to pay you 4.63% just to break even with the tax-free municipal bond you're considering, to end up with the exact same amount of

  • Are California Muni Bonds for Me? - TheStreet

    Long-term: 4.53% Intermediate-term: 4.21% Short-intermediate term: 3.69% Insured: 3.69%. The highest-yielding California high-yield fund on May 31, the broker-sold. Franklin California High Yield

  • Tax-Free Municipal Bonds (Muni Bonds) - FMSbonds

    Municipal Bonds specialists, FMSbonds, Inc. owns the bonds they sell, which enables clients to invest knowledgeably and with confidence. Call 1-800-FMS-BOND

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  • The Key Benefit of Municipal Bonds: Tax-Free Interest

    This is the most significant benefit of municipal bonds and it is a characteristic unique to municipal bonds. Not even US Treasuries offer income that is free from federal income taxes. EXAMPLE: If you buy $10,000 worth of municipal bonds with a 4% coupon, the $400 you receive every year is tax-free. Additionally, municipal bonds can be free of

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