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How Do Tax-free Municipal Bonds Work

  • How Are Municipal Bonds Taxed? - investopedia

    Municipal bonds are commonly tax-free at the federal level but can be taxable at state or local income tax levels or under certain bonds purchased at a premium do not work in a similar

  • How Do Municipal Bonds Work and How Do You Calculate

    How Do Municipal Bonds Work and How Do You Calculate Yields? Unfortunately, the instructions can't be boiled down to two simple equations because not all munis are totally tax-free (some are

  • What is a Tax-free Mutual Fund? HowStuffWorks

    However, that is not the case with mutual funds that invest solely in tax-exempt municipal bonds. These funds are called tax-free mutual funds. However, to understand how tax-free mutual funds work, you need to understand how bonds work. A bond is a type of contract issued by a

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  • Municipal Bonds: what they are, how they work, and how to

    How do municipal bonds work? Munis give you tax-free income. A major benefit of muni bond interest: it is free from federal taxes! Additionally, if you purchase a tax-exempt bond from the state you live in, then your investment is free from state taxes as well. When you earn interest from your savings account or dividend portfolio, that

  • Invest in Tax Free Municipal Bonds for Lower Taxes and Risk

    Interest paid on municipal bonds can be exempt from federal, state, and local taxes. Learn why muni bonds attract investors looking for tax free income, less risk, or the growth and development of a community.

  • Ask a Fool: When Do Tax-Free Bonds Make Sense? The

    Generally speaking, tax-free municipal bonds pay lower interest rates than taxable bonds of the same maturity length and credit quality. What you need to determine is whether the tax advantages

  • Beginners Guide to Municipal Bond Mutual Funds

    Just as with mutual funds, there are many different kinds of municipal bond mutual funds. Here are some of the top rated according to Morningstar: High Yield Muni: T. Rowe Price Tax Free High Yield Fund (PRFHX) Summary: High-yield portfolios invest at least 50% of assets in high-income municipal securities that are not rated by a major agency.

  • Municipal Bonds

    By purchasing municipal bonds, you are in effect lending money to the bond issuer in exchange for a promise of regular interest payments, usually semi-annually, and the return of the original investment, or principal. A municipal bonds maturity date (the date when the issuer of the bond repays the principal) may be years in the future.

  • The Smart Way to Buy Tax-Exempt Bonds - Forbes

    The Smart Way to Buy Tax-Exempt Bonds . high-coupon bonds get paid off and replaced with lower-coupon bonds (Ben Bernanke at work). out is what you want to do with your municipal bonds.

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  • Types of Municipal Bonds HowStuffWorks

    The last type of municipal bond is a taxable municipal bond. Taxable municipal bonds exist because the federal government doesn't finance certain types of projects that don't have a clear benefit to the public, like local sports facilities or the funding of a faltering city pension plan source: Securities Industry and Financial Markets

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