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Spin Off Tax Free

  • Tax-Free Spinoffs - Latham & Watkins

    Tax-free spin-off of the Powertrain Systems Segment of Delphi Automotive to its shareholders Tax-free spin-off by Archrock, Inc. of Exterran Corporation to its shareholders Acquisition by LogMeIn of the GoTo business of Citrix Systems via a Reverse Morris Trust transaction Tax-free spin-off by Demand Media to its shareholders of Rightside Group

  • Tax-Free Spinoff Definition & Example InvestingAnswers

    A tax-free spinoff occurs when a company divests a portion of its business in a manner that qualifies as a tax-free transaction under Section 355 of the Internal Revenue Code and thus does not require the company to pay capital gains tax on the divestiture.

  • Taxable Spinoff Definition - Investopedia

    The IRS has certain requirements for companies to be able to spin off tax-free. They are control, device, active trade or business, and distributions. Control requirements stipulate that the

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  • Tax-Free Spin-Off? That May Depend . . . On Post-Spin-Off

    The code denies tax-free treatment to any distribution of c stock that is a component of a divisive reorganization of d if it is part of a plan (or series of related transactions) pursuant to which one or more persons acquire stock in c (or d) that represents a 50-percent or greater interest in c (or d). lv in other words, this rule causes d to

  • Tax-free spin-off road map EY China

    A tax-free spin-off cannot be part of a shareholder plan to dispose of a controlling interest in either RemainCo or SpinCo, which can significantly restrict post-spinoff M&A activity. Spin-offs present only a limited ability to monetize SpinCo value.

  • IRC 355: Understanding Basics, Tax-Free Spin-off

    Provided a series of requirements are met, Section 355 can be an excellent option for corporations and their shareholders who are looking to restructure by providing a vehicle to do so tax-free in a type of transaction that otherwise would have created a taxable event. Read this article to learn more.

  • IRS Permits Pre-Revenue Company to Undertake a Tax-Free Spin-Off

    On November 18, 2022, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) published private letter ruling 202246008 (the PLR), 1 which concluded that a transaction qualifies as a tax-free spin-off under Section 355 2 despite the fact that the distributing corporation has not yet collected income, based on the distributing corporations demonstration that it had incurred substantial, continuing

  • Tax-Free Spin-Offs vs Sale of Subsidiaries - The Balance

    With most companies in the 21% tax bracket as of 2021, it means that the management will only receive about 79% of what the subsidiary is worth on an after-tax basis. 2. If the utility company decided to issue a tax-free spin-off to the stockholders, it would instead incorporate the jewelry store as its own stand-alone business, give it a new

  • Tax-Free Reorganization - IRC 368 and Tax Impacts of

    Tax-free reorganizations can be divided into the following four types: Acquisitive Reorganizations Divisive Reorganizations Corporate Restructuring Reorganizations Bankruptcy Reorganizations 1. Acquisitive Reorganizations Acquisitive reorganizations, as the name implies, involve a restructuring where one corporation acquires another corporation.

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  • How to Document a Tax-Free D Reorganization With a Split-Off

    1. The reorganization of Corporation A meets the definition of "control" in Sec. 368 (a) (1) (D) For a reorganization to be treated as tax - free under Sec. 368 (a) (1) (D), one or more of the transferor corporation's shareholders must be in control of the corporation to which the assets were transferred.

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