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Tax Free Muni Cef Funds

  • Closed-End Funds: Tax-Exempt Bonds - Forbes

    The funds buying municipal bonds have done well. All but two of the 133 that have been around for at least a decade delivered portfolio returns better than the 5.3% earned by the Vanguard Long

  • Tax Free Income From Municipal Bond Closed End Funds

    Municipal bond CEFs offer attractive income free from federal taxes. In this article I explore the current muni-bond CEF space. Top funds for key metrics are discussed.

  • 7 Best Tax-Free Municipal Bond Funds Bonds US News

    The fund owns medium-quality tax-free bonds, which provides investors with a yield boost over funds wedded to the highest credit quality. With more than 1,300 issues, the fund is well diversified.

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  • 3 Funds For 6% Tax-Free Income And Market-Busting Returns

    3 Funds For 6% Tax-Free Income And Market-Busting Returns. buy them through closed-end funds Because the average municipal-bond CEFs market price is 8.6% below its net asset value

  • Amazing Tax-Free Income From Closed-End Muni Bond Funds

    Amazing Tax-Free Income From Closed-End Muni Bond Funds. If you dare stretch for extra income with a high-yield (junk) tax-free CEF, wait for the fund to trade at a discount.

  • Pros & Cons of Tax Free Municipal Bond Funds Pocketsense

    Pros & Cons of Tax Free Municipal Bond Funds. Municipal bonds are debt securities issued by state and local governments. The interest paid by muni bonds is exempt from federal income tax, providing a tax-free income to investors. One way to invest in municipal bonds is through a mutual fund that has a portfolio of

  • Closed-End Fund Screener - CEF Connect - Brought to you by

    Closed-end fund historical distribution sources have included net investment income, realized gains, and return of capital. For more detailed information on the distributions of a specific Fund, please visit the Fund sponsor's website. CEFConnect makes data for the universe of closed-end funds available as a courtesy to its users.

  • Closed-end Funds - Putnam Investments

    Putnam manages four closed-end funds that feature a broad range of taxable and tax-exempt fixed-income strategies. Unlike open-end funds, which can issue an unlimited number of shares for direct purchase by investors, closed-end funds issue a fixed number of shares that are listed and traded on a national stock exchange.

  • Guide to investing in closed-end funds BlackRock

    A guide to investing in closed-end funds Closed-end funds (CEFs) are actively managed mutual funds that trade on an exchange like a stock. CEFs can play an important role in a diversified portfolio providing the potential for income and capital appreciation.

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  • 2019 TAX INFORMATION LETTER Nuveen Municipal Closed-End Funds

    003SSN114A 2019 TAX INFORMATION LETTER Nuveen Municipal Closed-End Funds National Funds: Nuveen AMT-Free Municipal Credit Income Fund (NVG) Nuveen AMT-Free Municipal Value Fund (NUW)

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