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Tax Free Municipal Bonds List

  • Best Tax-Free Municipal Bonds & Bond Funds of 2020 Benzinga

    U.S. Treasury bonds are generally regarded to be the safest type of bond investment but generally dont provide the same rate of return as municipal bonds and dont have the same tax

  • Top 719 Municipal Bond Funds

    Municipal bond funds are mutual funds that focus on the municipal sector of the fixed-income market. Munis are issued by state and local governments in order to finance day-to-day activities or special projects.

  • 43 Best High Yield Muni Mutual Funds - U.S. News: Money

    The fund seeks to provide investors with greater Federal tax-free income, in comparison with other municipal bond funds that invest primarily in investment grade securities, by investing in a

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  • 10 Best States and Cities for Tax-Free Bonds The Motley Fool

    Image: Recon Cycles, Flickr If you're looking for tax-free bonds, you need to look at municipal bonds. Yes, bonds issued by the federal government are tax-free at the state and local level, but

  • 10 Buys For Tax-Free 6% Yields - Forbes

    Municipal bonds are off to a slow start in 2018 which is usually a bullish sign for these tax-free payers.. We last pounded the table on munis in December 2016. They were coming off

  • The Top 10 Safest Municipal Bonds - MunicipalBonds

    An overview of the top 10 safest municipal bonds. An overview of the top 10 safest municipal bonds. Join other Individual Investors receiving FREE personalized market updates and research. Join other Institutional Investors receiving FREE personalized market updates and research.

  • The Best Tax-Free Income Funds - investopedia

    If youre in a higher tax bracket, a tax-free income fund which contains tax-free municipal bonds from your state can be a wise investment choice. But before getting swept away with the idea of

  • Municipal Bonds - Fidelity

    Despite the fact that many municipal bonds have high credit ratings, there is a risk of default in any bond investment. Tax risks While municipal bonds can offer attractive effective yields and can be a way to generate tax-free income, they may not be right for investors in every tax bracket or for every type of account.

  • 27 Best Muni California Long Mutual Funds

    Muni California long portfolios invest at least 80% of assets in California municipal debt. Because the income from these bonds is generally free from federal taxes and California state taxes

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  • Current Rates on Bonds & Notes Edward Jones

    Updated daily, get current rates for CDs, Municipal Bonds (Muni Bonds), Money Market Funds, Corporate Bonds, US Treasury Notes, Bonds,& T-bills, Insured bank deposit, personal line of credit, Mortgage-backed securities and more.

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