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Tax Free Spinoff Rules

  • US Tax-Free Spin-Off Transactions - 4i Advisory

    Section 355 of the Internal Revenue Code provides an exemption to these distribution rules, allowing a corporation to spin off or distribute shares of a subsidiary in a transaction that is tax-free to both shareholders and the parent company subject to some conditions. A company can undertake a tax-free spinoff of a business unit in 2 ways:

  • Tax-Free Spinoff Guidance Issued by Treasury

    The treasury department has issued new guidance pertaining to tax-free spinoffs , pro-corporate policies, and other beneficial reform under tcja for large corporations.

  • When Should You Consider a Tax-Free Spinoff?

    Generally speaking, a tax-free spinoff is the best way to split one company into two companies without incurring the massive tax liabilities that will usually fall on the original corporation and its shareholders alike. As such, it is always a good idea to consider such a spinoff before deciding to sell a part of your business and face the tax

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  • New Legislation Restricts Tax-Free REIT Spinoffs

    However, where a transaction qualifies as a tax-free spinoff under Sec. 355, there is no tax to the distributing corporation, its shareholders, or the spun-off entity. This is based on the rationale that the spinoff is merely a separation of divisions of a business that continues to be owned and operated by the same shareholders.

  • Tax-free spin-off road map EY - US

    Summary. In its operational, regulatory and strategic complexity, a tax-free spin-off is something of a three-part challenge: as demanding as any business carve-out, with added requirements akin to those of an IPO, plus the close involvement of tax authorities and the SEC. In assessing the most critical steps of a tax-free spin-off, companies

  • Tax-Free Spin-Off? That May Depend . . . On Post-Spin-Off

    The Code denies tax-free treatment to any distribution of C stock that is a component of a divisive reorganization of D if it is part of a plan (or series of related transactions) pursuant to which one or more persons acquire stock in C (or D) that represents a 50-percent or greater interest in C (or D).

  • Tax-Free Spin-Offs - Sullivan & Cromwell

    That stock acquired in certain taxable acquisitions is not hot stock for purposes of the spin-off rules under Section 355 and therefore can be distributed tax-free under that Section.3 Generally, if the requirements of Section 355 are otherwise met, a parent corporation may distribute the stock of a

  • Liberalized Rules for Tax-Free Spin-offs - The CPA Journal

    The IRS recently liberalized the rules regarding tax-free spin-offs. While the requirements for a tax-free spin-off remain stringent, the Treasury Department has made the disguised sale rules more manageable. The final provisions of IRC section 355(d) should result in fewer transactions that violate the intended purpose rules.

  • Treasury Proposes Changes to Tax-Free Spin-Off Rules

    On July 14, 2016, the U.S. Department of Treasury issued proposed regulations and on July 15, 2016 the IRS issued Revenue Procedure 2016-40, both regarding the requirements for a tax-free spin-off pursuant to Section 355 of the Internal Revenue Code (the "Code")1. The proposed regulations follow the Treasury's issuance of Notice 2015-59 last October, which many believe was issued in response

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  • Calculating Tax Basis for Spinoff Investments Stock Spinoffs

    The total market value of your holding is now $120 (one A at $80, and four Bs at $10). So your allocated basis in A would be 100*80120, or $66.67 your basis in B would be 100*40120, which is $33.33 for the four B shares, or $8.33 per B share. The above paragraph evades the question of how to determine fair market value immediately after

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