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Tax-free Exchange Requirements

  • Qualifying For a Tax-Free Exchange Under Section 351(a)

    Two requirements must be met to qualify for tax-free treatment under Section 351(a): (1) you get ONLY STOCK in exchange for your property NOT stock PLUS other property, (2) You (or you and your transferor group) must be in CONTROL of the corporation, immediately after the exchange. Section 368(C) defines control and is covered below.

  • What is a Section 351(a) Tax-Free Exchange? VC Experts Blog

    Two requirements must be met to qualify for tax-free treatment under Section 351(a): 1 You get Only Stock in exchange for your property NOT stock PLUS other property. You (or you and your transferor group, for example, partners incorporating the partnership) may Only Receive Stock (other than nonqualified preferred stock) from the

  • Tax-free exchange without APIC - PwC

    The RMO, unfortunately, is silent as regards the reason for the disallowance of APIC relative to a tax free exchange. With the current initiative of the government to implement tax reforms, it is a good opportunity for the tax authorities to revisit the requirements for availing the tax free exchange to make it simpler and easier to comply.

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  • 1031 Exchange Rules Modified : Here is A Fresh Look on

    This method is popularly known as tax-free exchange, or also known as 1031 exchanges, in reference to the tax code section IRC Sec. 1031. So under this section, the tax on capital gain is deferred till you sale the property changed for.

  • Tax-Free Acquisitions - Macabacus

    Tax-Free Acquisitions. Tax-free M&A transactions are considered "reorganizations" and are similar to taxable deals except that in reorganizations the acquirer uses its stock as a significant portion of the consideration paid to the seller rather than cash or debt. Four conditions must be met to qualify a transaction for tax-free treatment under

  • IRS Reporting Rules on 1035 Exchange Finance - Zacks

    IRS Reporting Rules on 1035 Exchange. The Internal Revenue Service will allow you to exchange one life insurance policy, annuity or long-term care policy for another, free of any taxes or

  • New BIR guidelines on tax-free exchanges By Margaux A

    New BIR guidelines on tax-free exchanges. Business World (07112016 p.S14) SUITS THE C-SUITE By Margaux A. Advincula. As part of its efforts to streamline the Philippine tax system, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) issued Revenue Memorandum Order (RMO) No. 17-2016 (RMO 17-16) dated May 5, 2016 to supplement the guidelines in recording the tax-free exchange of properties for issuance

  • Tax Free Exchanges - Bureau of Internal Revenue

    TAX-FREE EXCHANGES OF PROPERTIES PURSUANT TO SECTION 40(C)(2) OF THE NIRC OF 1997. Tax-free exchanges refer to those instances enumerated in Section 40(C)(2) of the National Internal Revenue Code (NIRC) of 1997 that are not subject to Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Documentary Stamp Tax andor Value-added Tax, as the case may be.

  • Like-kind exchanges now limited to real property

    To report a like-kind exchange, taxpayers must file Form 8824, Like-Kind Exchanges, with their tax return for the year the taxpayer transfers property as part of a like-kind exchange. This form helps a taxpayer figure the amount of gain deferred as a result of the like-kind exchange, as well as the basis of the like-kind property received, if

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  • Part I Section 351.Transfer to Corporation Controlled by

    Independently of A's transfer of the X stock to Y in exchange for Y voting stock. The exchange by A of the stock of X solely for voting stock of Y constitutes an exchange to which 354 applies. See also 1.1361-5(b)(3), Example 9. In Rev. Rul. 77-449, 1977-2 C.B. 110, amplified by Rev. Rul. 83-34, 1983-1 C.B.

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